Beech mushrooms



Beech mushrooms

Beech mushrooms have a delicious savory, nutty flavor and crunchy texture! Here’s more about this variety and a recipe for how to cook them.


Beech Mushroom with Japanese dashi – Saute the beech mushrooms with butter and simmer with dashi and sake. In my Asian market, there are always abundant choices when it comes to mushrooms—shiitake, enoki, button, portobello, buna shimeji, chicken drumstick/king oyster mushrooms, etc. I love mushrooms as they are one of the healthiest foods to eat, plus they are low in calories and are often organically grown.

This week, both white and brown beech mushrooms (buna shimeji mushrooms) are on sale. I got a couple of boxes of them but don’t really have a good recipe to prepare them.

What are beech mushroom?

Beech mushrooms are worth grabbing if you see them: this variety is one of the tastiest around. Here’s what you need to know this unique type of mushroom:

  • Beech mushroom (Hypsizygus tessellatus) are a type of edible mushroom that grows on beech trees, hence the name. They’re also known as Buna shimeji or clamshell mushrooms, and native to East Asia (they’re also cultivated in the US, Australia and Europe). They grow in clusters and are small and thin, with round tops. There are two types: the brown beech mushroom and the white beech mushroom.
  • Where to find it? You can find this type of mushroom at some grocery stores or health food stores, farmer’s markets.
  • What do beech mushrooms taste like? They have a lightly sweet, savory and nutty flavor, with a subtly crunchy texture. They should always be served cooked, since the flavor is slightly bitter when raw.

How to store and clean them

Grabbed a bunch of beech mushrooms? Great! Here’s how to store them once you bring them home, and clean them before cooking:

  • Store the mushrooms in a paper bag in the refrigerator (not produce drawer). You can leave them in the package they come in. But the best way to store mushrooms is in a paper bag, which allows them to breathe. Leave them in the main part of the refrigerator to get good airflow, not the produce drawer.
  • Clean them with a quick rinse. Slice off the base of the mushroom clump, then give the mushrooms a quick rinse. Just don’t soak them or they can become soggy.

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